The Disabled Access Friendly campaign aims to sensitise students to issues affecting people with mobility disability. We reach people through the teaching of English as a foreign language.

Our website provides teachers with free teaching material that can be used in class, for projects or examination practice, but at the same time stimulates students to put themselves in the shoes of someone with a mobility disability, for a better understanding of their needs and feelings.

Lesson plans have been contributed by Sean Banville, Lindsay Clandfield, Malcolm Mann, Jamie Keddie, Philip Kerr, Marjorie Rosenberg, Michael Swan, Ken Wilson and others.

The teaching material is approved for use by the Institute of Educational Policy of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religion, and the campaign is endorsed by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Association of State School Teachers of N. Greece, the British Council Greece, City and Guilds English exams (Peoplecert Group), the Hellenic American Union, International House (Spain), International Publishers Exhibitions and Seminars, PALSO, TESOL France, TESOL Macedonia Thrace and TESOL Spain (see letters of support). 

The campaign is run by volunteers and has no official legal status.