You can support the Disabled Access Friendly campaign by:

Contributing teaching material

You could send in a simple idea, suggestion, worksheet or contribute a full lesson-plan with activities.  We would welcome any kind of contribution from teachers or other interested persons - you do not have to be a materials writer to contribute. We can all make use of our teaching or life experience to suggest ideas for a lesson or a particular text that could be used. You can send in an idea, an outline, or material which you think would make a good lesson at any level and for any age group.  Every little bit helps. If necessary, we would then develop your idea into a more fully fledged lesson or worksheet.

For more details please see Authors’ Guidelines.

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Involving student teachers

If you are a teacher trainer then you might be able to get student teachers involved. Student teachers could write a lesson or worksheet that helps raise awareness, with the incentive that perhaps it will be uploaded to the Disabled Access Friendly site and used by teachers globally.


Sharing your own experience

In the section “Tell Your Story” there are personal accounts from people’s experiences either with or as a person with mobility disability.  Many people have at some time in their lives been touched by an issue to do with disability that they would like to give voice to, to help raise awareness.  We would also welcome short accounts of what policies member schools or institutions have regarding the inclusion of students with mobility problems.

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